Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Confession of A Student

I have this bad habit. Everytime I have something big to do tomorrow, like a conference presentation, or in this case, a symposium presentation, I will definitely update my blog. It's like, that would be the only thing I could think of doing out of my busy-ness..

Well this is a quick update, really. Yesterday I was doing some works for Dr. IK (one of my lecturers) in his office. He gave me some instructions, then left to go listen to the symposium presentations. So I sat on his chair and work on his computer, and then this cleaner knock-knock then came in to pick up the garbage. She greeted me, like I was a lecturer (even though I practically duduk-bersila-atas-kerusi-tuh).. and guess what, it felt good.

I have this thing happened to me a couple of times before.

Last year, when I was keying in the marks for the whole department students, I was using one of the empty lecturer's room... and I felt good too. When other students saw me working on lecturer's pc, chair and table in the lecturer's room, I guess they were jealous and I actually felt good, like yesterday. Haha (evil laugh)

Last year when I was working in an empty lecturer's room.If only I was wearing a nice baju kurung or a blouse, then I would have looked more of a lecturer XD

And then this other incident where a lecturer (I think it's Mr. Sanif) thought I was a new lecturer. That day I was wearing a nice baju kurung because I have a presentation in Professional & Communication Skills class, and I think I was wearing a pair of heels too. The lecturer smiled at me from afar as I was walking towards him, and then he greeted me. I felt weird, but I greeted him back.

Later that night, I was thinking and playing it over again in my head, and then only I realized what had happened. He though I was the new lecturer who got in that week or so. Haha! Then I don't know whether to feel good because I looked like a lecturer, or to feel bad because I was just in my second year and he had added like almost ten more years to my age. Sigh...

I think this is not really a quick update. Gosh.. when I write I just lose it. Haha LOL ok. I should get back to my presentation slides, and maybe the thesis too, because I was so in mood for writing this few days ngehehehe..

ps: Mom, can I be a teacher just like you? lalala~ happy teacher's day!! :*