Saturday, September 13, 2008

Flirting Men

There’s always do’s and don’ts in everything. Same goes to flirting. Yes… F.L.I.R.T… Everyone can flirt nowadays, not considering age, gender, or morality. However, the main focus of today’s topic is flirting men.

Men flirts the most. A student, a boyfriend, a husband, they do flirt the most. Some men don’t know how to tackle girls’ attention, but some…have girls around without having to do anything. Can we call it as…. “FATE”? Or “LUCK”?

Hmm… I don’t think so!

From what we’ve heard, girls are always after the rich tall dark handsome (and so on) guys, but why do they end up with the opposite? That’s simply because girls can’t refuse a sweet talker. A sweet talker doesn’t have to have good looks or money, they just talk and talk and girls would fall for them.

What about the non-sweet talker that don’t have money and good looks? I felt sorry for them. They can get a girlfriend, but absolutely cannot become a flirting material. Why? Because they drive girls off with their words. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the words they said or the words texted or IM’ed. But we girls just hate boys that want to flirt, but are using the wrong words.

These are a few of my experiences. This boy, he’s quite good looking, have good money and heart. He’s just perfect ‘cause he treated me so well. The one thing I cannot stand him is when he texted me, he would put “ok” at the end of his sentences.

“Let’s go out.ok”

“I’m not feeling well,ok”

…and so on. I mean, what did he mean? It’s like he wanted to end the texting exchange quickly, or…is it that he’s mad at me? I always felt that way, reading his texts. So I rejected him, even though he’s not like that when talking to me.

This other guy, he always try to make me upset. Maybe he thought I’d like it? Sigh… He always has something to say about my appearance. My hair… my outfits… my shoes… I just hated it, damned much! We ended up fighting everytime we met.

The next stories is about internet flirting(IM, mIrc). This guy like to ask me questions, and then he’d put a lot of question mark after that. I mean a lot….

“Have you eaten?????????”

“Hey, what’s up????????”

I just hate it damn much. Maybe it’s just me, but I always thought that I am being scolded. Then there was this other guy, which I just hate to chat with. His word mistake is:

“Watpe jer tu?”

“Awak katne jer ni?”

What’s with his “jer”? it’s like I’m not important, as in “jer….”. I asked him once. He said, “dunno, just a habit”. Then I said sorry goodbye lah. I cannot take his habit.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe not. But guys… please choose the right words when you’re flirting, or you’ll end up looking and sounding stupid.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sumpahan Seratus Hari

I don’t really know how to put it. This thing had happened to me thrice. It’s not that I believe in superstitious things, just that I want to express my experience of what I call “Sumpahan Seratus Hari”.

The story goes like this:

I was single long after the break up with my ex. More than a year (for me that’s really long!) we had a hard break up. Then I have this friend of friend that suddenly became close to me, and then to cut the story short, we coupled.(?!What kind of story is this???hehehe). After three months, we break up, for some stupid reason which I can’t forgive him, …..just yet.

Then came this other guy. I got to know him from the internet. It was not long after breaking up with the previous guy. Then without knowing why, I went out on a date with this other guy. I’m not sure whether I did this as rebound relationship or not, but not long after that, I really fell for him.

The first two month was great. He was so loving and caring. He calls every night ( He didn’t like sms ‘coz he’s just too lazy to type on the keypad) because we were having a long distance relationship. I was in Perak and he’s at Shah Alam. When the third month came, everything’s changed. I don’t really know what happened, but for sure there were a lot of things in my mind back then.

“Is he bored with me?”

“Could it be that he’s dating other girl?”

“Am I not important to him?”

…because he just ignored me out of his busy-ness. When I wished him our 100th day anniversary, our relationship were already berada di ambang kegoyahan. Not long after that, we broke up.


I stayed single for months…. Then a new guy came along. I resisted at first, you know, I was like….serik??kot… (‘coz I really like the Shah Alam guy even though I was the one who wants to break up). But this new guy, he didn’t give up (like other guys). He was like…

“Ex- ex saya sumenye yang ngorat saya dulu. Awak ni je yang saya kena susah payah tau.”

“Kalau awak tinggal saya, saya mati wak.”

“Saya sayang awak. Saya nak kawen ngan awak soranggg jeeee.”

Dan macam-macam lagilah janji-janji manis yang mencairkan hati saya. Then masuk bulan ketiga, he changed. A lot. He even lied to me, which I found out from friend of friends.

I was so scared. Suddenly I remembered that I have been breaking out with my past boyfriends after our 100th day anniversary. Maybe for some people the anniversary is not important, but for me it is.

During our 100th day anniversary, we were having a big fight. Our last fight. We didn’t even wished to each other. Then cutting the story short again, we broke up. He dumped me actually. Dengan kejam sekali. He said that he has other girlssss… I repeat girls (plural). I was like…. dead(?!).

Ish! Tak mahulah saya ceritakan keadaan saya masa tu. The thing is…. I was really hurt, and I’m still in love with him. I even kept our pictures and videos in my phone until now. Thanks to him, I won’t be able to fall in love again. Is it that I don’t trust men anymore? Hehhe….no lah! I am just…. scared….to face another 100th day anniversary anymore. Kalau tak sebelum hari tu, maka lepas-lepas tu saya musti akan klesh.