Monday, June 22, 2009


Berita gempar! Berita gempar!

Paan berhasrat untuk berbesan dengan mak saya.. jeng3... Akan tetapi, kata Paan, maknya mau Paan berjadian dengan abang saya.

Hmm... ini adalah satu masalah besar.


Abg saya:

Bukan saya tak suka Paan jadi kakak ipar saya... n bukannya abang saya tak berkenan kat si Paan tu... tapi...

Saya takde abang pon!!! wahahahahahhahahaha

ps: Paan, saya tau la saya baek, sopan, cumil, lemah lembut dan sebagainye sampai mak awak berkenan gile2... tapi disebabkan awak xde abang, maka dia membuat kesimpulan bahawa saya ada abang yg sweet macam saye. ngahahahah klaka2

Friday, June 19, 2009

Can You Spot The Difference?



It's this buddy!! :P

Sekarang dia dah besar, siap bawak balik awek bagi makan lagi XD

Oh btw, his name is "Lembu" muehehhee

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cameron Highlands

Gary sent me an e-mail regarding the Cameron Highlands and Endau-Rompin field trip. Gary is an environmentalist who organizes camps and programs for students and staffs of various industries. I first met Gary in 2007 during the program Our World PETRONAS where I was one of the UTP facilitator for the program and Gary as the CEO of EDUTree who organized the program collaborating with PETRONAS. (My picture even got into the newspaper I tell u :P)

During Our World PETRONAS program in Matang, Taiping

So as the program was a big success, Gary and his assistant Hannah had always been keeping in touch with us ( the 7 facis from UTP) and invited us for their events. The latest event was the F1 something in UTP somewhere in the end of March 2009 but I couldn't join because I've got a class field trip to PETRONAS Penapisan Melaka.

@ PETRONAS Penapisan Melaka

Field trip la sangat....

So I've decided to join the Cameron Highland field trip at the end of this month. I didn't know much about the details yet. Gary said he will call me sometime this weekend and will e-mail the program leaflet 2 weeks before the event.

Some of the e-mail content:

"We will camp at the Forestry Dept campsite in Tanah Rata. Details on how to get there and map will be in the leaflet. The camp site is pleasant (although toilets are not fantastic) and there is a clear running stream right beside it. Camping and trekking up various peaks throughout the 4 days.

You will need to arrive on the 28 June, latest 4.00 PM to settle into the campsite. I will provide tents or alternative accommodation. Please bring along your sleeping bag (if available) sweater and raincoat etc. A list of things to bring will be in the leaflet as well.

Main role would be to brief participants upon check -in, manage camp and oversee the campsite when students are out in the field. Of course you can also tag along with the trekking groups if you decide as long as there is someone at campsite each day."

Can't wait to be the facilitator to those international students. Jaga lah korang~~ akak ni garang :p

P.S: Oh, these are pictures of the F1 event where Nick Heidfeld and Robert Kubica also took part. Ruginya tak dapat join.. tapi field trip Melaka pun best jugak. he he he


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ten Thousand Words

I'm finally home.. Actually it's been a week of sleeping and eating and watching series. Today only I have the 'chance' to update this so called blog. Ngehehe....

There's so many things to tell, yet I'm so lazy to write.. So, here's pictures which tell thousand of words.. Err... 10 pictures equal 10,000 words, so yeah my blog is officially updated. XD

A white chocolate cake during futsal match. Yeah our team won again.. but I'm not playing. Saya ialah tukang bawak kek heeeeheeee

There's also this Sukaneka.. Felt like we became kanak2 ribena again

Tarik tali (ps: we won!again!)

It was so hot back then. We burnt down our skin for the Grand Dinner T__T

Finally, the batch dinner

My hot housemates

Geng #kuiz. Forget the date, Paan suka salah2 tarikh ni :p

The most happening batch?

Saya sayang rumet. Sorry I'm not gay :P