Friday, November 28, 2008

Good News Bad News

Do you believe, that there's always bad news in every good news, and there's good news as well in every bad news? Just like when your mother gave birth to another baby and you're so happy to get an adik, yet so worried that your parents' love will be divided? Hahaha well, for me, yes I do. Because I actually experienced it yesterday.

As usual, during lunch hour, I will always drive home to have lunch with my family, and to feed my cat 'Itam' if my siblings forget to do that (owh, they always forget, trust me).

So this is Itam when I was taking her for a ride around Wakaf Che Yeh:

And she was sleeping soundly when I was ready to leave for office in the morning (she love to dig into my comforter. I have to use other selimut for that matter) :

When I reached home for lunch, my sisters were jumping and happily telling me

"Itam dah beranakkkkkk"

and "Yeayyyyy~~" I answered.

"Mana2?" I asked them.

"In your room!"


There. At that point I immediately ran into my room and I saw Itam and her children....


I sighed quietly, washed myself, solat Zohor, then makan. After that only I greet Itam and the kittens. Nak buat macam mana... Dah beranak dah pun. Basuh jelah air ketuban tu T__T

At first, Itam was very protective towards the little kittens. I can't even see them. Then I harshly reminded Itam.

"Eh, ni katil sape ni? Sape beli Whiskas hah?"

Then she eventually let me play with the kittens. HA HA HA

Personal is personal. Work is work. So even though I was a bit stressed about my bed, I still have office hour until 5.30 pm. So, here I am, ready for afternoon session of office hour :P

So I end up telling people that I have good and bad news.

The good news is, my cat gave birth to 4 cute little kittens

and the bad news is that they were born on my bed. HOHOHOHO

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I'm sure everybody sometimes have dreams during their sleep. Be it a fun or funny dream, or even a nightmare, most people will eventually forget about the dreams when they're awake.

"Mimpi adalah mainan tidur", that's what we always heard right? But are all dreams = mainan tidur? I wonder about that. Even the prophet got revelations through dreams, and sometimes mothers get nightmares when their children are in harm.

I've always have same dreams when I was a teenager. Sometimes for a few days straight. One of the dreams that I remembered most was that I was riding a camel through the desert. A man was holding the string on the camel's neck, a man which I can't remember seeing his face. I don't remember how many times I dreamt of the dream, but I still can remember how it felt.

The surrounding was a little gloomy, maybe it was dawn. I felt cold, and scared of something, but due to the man's present, I felt a little okay inside. Now what was that dream supposed to mean? Haha..

Other dream that I remembered was, one day I got a gold bangle. Forgot who gave it to me, an aunt maybe? But the bangle was really beautiful and glittering and shiny etc etc. I was so happy until somebody woke me up for something which I forgot, then when I tried to sleep again to get into the same dream, I just couldn't. Ah...such a waste. Kakak la ni yang kejut isk..isk...

Nowadays I can only remember nightmares, but not long after I wake up, the memories about the dream just gone. I'm so scared of dark surrounding, and ending up sleeping with the lights on. It started early this year when I got nightmares every night and felt pressure on my chest when I woke up (kena tekan). Sometimes I wasn't even sure whether I was in a dream or not. However, the pain was real... Huuu *scary*scary*

Moral of the story, solat isyak dulu, basuh kaki and baca doa sampai tertido :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wedding

We reached home at 2 am (from my sister's wedding) and I had to ponteng kerja today as I was too tired after hours of driving from Perlis. On the way to Perlis.... we met a group of bikers (weewiittt). They even posed for us :p

I met Aza in Gurun when we stopped for lunch and prayers.We have so much fun updating on each other. I asked her to come with me, to the wedding, but her grandma objected :P

We stayed at Firearm Quarters Transit in Arau. Nice place btw

And the kids found PLAYGROUND!!!!

Before the wedding, I went to the Mak Andam's with the couple. Pose after make ups:

Then comes the ceremony~~

The banner... and nenek

We had so much fun travelling together, altogether 6 cars from the bride's family. We even got lost in the highways and ended up touring Penang. Hahahaha.... Should be Perlis->Kedah->Perak->Kelantan, but we went Perlis->Kedah->Penang->Kedah->Perak->Kelantan.

bazir masa, minyak, wang, tenaga dsb nye.... isk isk

Friday, November 14, 2008

YouthSays Real Voices Project

I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it. I was doing my shopping with Eman and Dilla when I got a phone call from Youthsays office. I couldn't really hear her actually. I was told to check my email. Then I couldn't believe my eyes pulak when I read the email. It goes like this:

Hi there.

Congratulations! You are one of the 50 chosen youths to represent the voice of young Malaysians in the RM30,000 YouthSays Real Voices project. This means you'll be given 15 'chapters' to blog about, and upon completion, you'll be paid RM500. Every week, you're also eligible to get RM100 bonuses if your writing is deemed honest, and really shows us what you and your life is like.

Rules and regulations:

1 This project has 15 chapters
2 Each week has 3 chapters. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
3 You can blog about the chapters as much as you want.
4 Each week, 10 bonuses will be given to youths who express themselves:

5 You are encouraged to post pix, videos, audio song, poems, and anything that can help you express yourself.
6 You are given 2 days maximum for each assignment, and must complete them on time. But you can re-blog about past assignments if you like.
7 You CANNOT DROP OUT of the project.
8 If you do drop out, or get disqualified for any reason, you will not be paid ANY money - and you will be disappointing Malaysian youths who are counting on you carry out this historical project.
9 The Real Voices Project Organisers will pay you your money 5 weeks after the project has ended
10 The Real Voices Project Organisers reserve the right to disqualify you from the project at any time if found to have breached any of our terms & conditions
11 The Real Voices Project Organisers are not accountable or liable for any losses which result from your own voluntary involvement
12 The Real Voices Project Organisers are very proud that you are standing up to represent Malaysian youths in this historical project!

The project starts Friday,14th November 2008, and the first topic is "This Is Me". I already published my post :)

ouhhh I'm so excited and honored to be invited into such events. YS memang rawk habes!!!
Dari petang asyik berdebar2 je..skrg baru rasa rilex sket. Fuh fuh lega....

ps:wish me luck my pren~

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have undergone my internship for like... 5 1/2 months? wow... I'm so proud of myself hehehe.. I got only nearly 3 months away before starting a new semester (as a final year student) and have to prepare for my oral presentation and final report (and weekly logbook..urgh I'm so busy).

So this is where I've been working as a trainee engineer

...and this is my workspace. Used to have a pc for me to do surfing or chatting or downloading, but since the SV's monitor got blank, he took mine :(
I work on my precious lappy anyway :p

The supervisor aka SV aka Engr. Rosmee (or I simply call him Abe Mie :p) who is responsible for my marking on this semester

The draftsmen: Kak Sue and Abe Yie

And Kak Sah the kerani....

This one is the dongle for the software I'm using for designing purposes, Esteem Structural Design Software. It cost RM30,000 per dongle, imagine each engineer got one. hehehe..... kaya la bos akuuuuu

The environment here? so exciting and relaxing! I'd love to work here after graduation, but who knows...OK! Got a school to design. Till then, chiaow~

Sunday, November 9, 2008


It’s been a while. I promised myself to keep blogging at least once a week but end up being totally silent last month. Wahahahaha.. last month is Raya month anyway.

So can I still talk about raya? Hihi Syawal dah lepas baru nak masukkan entry raya. It’s not about raya anyway…

My topic is actually friendship.

I’m soooo lucky to have such group of friends that really care and love me. I got girls from my high school and also from my college. Each ‘gang’ got six members including me. All of my high school best friends live in Kelantan (same high school what, so same hometown laaa), but we spread all over Malaysia to further our studies. Still, we have gatherings and reunions everytime we came back to our hometown (aka Kota Bharu), which is usually on Raya days.

Last raya we reunited again, and celebrated one of our member’s birthday as well. The story went like this:

1.Eman called and said that she’s coming. I told her to come over quickly coz I have an open house to go.

2. I made Eman follow me to the friend’s open house, but before that, we went to Dilla’s house, just because it’s in the way (and Dilla end up being dragged to the open house as well).

3. After makan nasi dagang sepuasnya, we thought, hey why don’t we go to Nadia’s? Dekat je rumah dia...

4. Then we eventually went to Dayah’s house to drag her to Bayyah’s house.

5. Then Dayah suddenly said “lapar mekdi…tamo kepsi…nak mekdi…” and we dragged Bayyah along to get Dayah’s mekdi (McDonald’s)

6. Being so excited and happy, Eman bought us a cake, just to have a small celebration with best friends in advance of her birthday.

7. I sent all of them home and reach mine at 10.30 pm. Luckily abah didn’t get mad coz he knew with whom I went out with. Hehehehe….

Mission Accomplished! Looking forward to next gathering! Muahs~