Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday, the campus has made it compulsary to students and staff to wear face mask which were given out free to all. I got one while on my way to the cafe for lunch. So, were wore the green face mask during Welcoming Address by the lecturers for Civil Engineering Program.

At night, we went to the famous Pasar Malam Rabu at Taman Maju, Bandar Seri Iskandar, wearing that face mask. Surprisingly, we got negative responses from the people there.

Situation 1: Somebody purposely sneezed loudly to Aza while she was searching for food. When she got surprised, that stupid somebody just laughed his ass out.

Situation 2: When we were walking in group, certain person called us "H1N1!!!!" and "Ninja!!!"

Situation 3: A stall pakcik was very afraic to receive money from me because he thought he will get infected by H1N1 virus.

Situation 4: A pakcik said to me, "Itu la.. dulu pandang orang tudung labuh, pakai purdah semacam je.. sekarang tengok.. kena pakai.. ini la balasan"

Situation 5: No need to tell, we got strange glances all the time


Pakcik-pakcik... abang-abang dan kakak-kakak sekalian, kami pakai topeng muka bukan sebab kami ada H1N1 la! Kami pakai untuk mengelak diri sendiri dari terjangkit dari pakcik-pakcik abang-abang kakak-kakak sekalian la, sebab kan UiTM kat sebelah tu dah kena tutup. Bajet diorang tak pergi pasar malam ke minggu lepas? duh~~

PS: Aza kata "Haa.. gelak...gelak... kang terjangkit aku nak tengok sape yang gelak lagi"
Paan kata "Alang2.. baek kita pakai topeng otromen je tadi kan"
Key kata "Ada aku kesah? luls~"

Buruk ke saya pakai pakcik? Abg klise kate comel je wakakaka

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cameron Highland: Sequel

I've been meaning to paste these. Just now I got extra free time to spend for my blog ngehehehe....

Gary wrote on June 3rd

Salam Khalid,

Apa khabar? Hope all is well at UTP.

Please confirm that you receive this e-mail. I copied to you my correspondence with Ina with some details on the coming trip. I also tried to contact you last week on the h/phone but got no response.

We can discuss further about the trip if you are still available.

Thank you

>>>>On May 30th, Gary wrote

>>>>Salam Ina,

>>>>Glad that we can be in contact again after the Petronas event. As you know, Hannah will be >>>>going into full time studies this coming month and I do not intend to stress her schedule. >>>>Also, the last time we met for tea at UTP, (with Lim, Haniff and Key), I did mention about >>>>the coming field trips you may want to consider joining.

>>>>Here are some details:


>>>>I hope this information will help you in the planning process.


Key wrote on June 5th

Dear Gary, Key here

I would like to join the Cameron trip. Another friend is also interested, can I bring her along?


Gary wrote on June 9th

Salam Key,
Nice to hear from you. Yes, you may join us at Camerons. Please be prepared for camping and the cold. Do meet Ina for details on the trip. If you agree on the plans, I will call you sometime this week. I think we are pretty "full" for now as far as facilitators are concerned. We should keep it between you, Ina and another 2 of my regular guides for this programme.

Thanks and be in touch soon.

Key wrote on June 9th


All right.. Here's my number in case you lost it [ ---------- ]
Can't wait to meet up at Cameron :)


Gary wrote on June 13th

Dear All, Ina, Lim and Key,

Please see the relevant attachments for your kind information.
I will send out the final copy to you all end of next week. This is the draft and some things like the Map to Camerons is still missing. You may find other attachments are not relevant to your needs as I just forwarded the e-mail director from my layout artist

Please confirm received and keep in touch.
Have a nice wekend

>>>>On June 12th, Wei Sim wrote:

>>>>Hi Gary,

>>>>I've made the changes. Please final check before I proceed to print. As for the Camerons >>>>brochure, changes been made, only pending is the map, will wait till Friday.

>>>>Wei Sim

Key wrote on June 13th

Salam Gary,

I have received and gone through the leaflet. Sounds interesting! See you


Gary wrote on June 14th

Thanks Key,
We keep in touch towards the end of this week. Please advise me on your travel arrangements to Camerons. Are you coming from UTP/Ipoh?


Key wrote on June 14th


I'm at Kota Bharu now. Will be leaving for Ipoh on the 26th, then I'll stay there until the 28th.


Gary wrote on June 17th

Thanks Key

Key wrote on June 22nd

Salam Gary,

Since I'm driving, can I park the car at the camp site? Or where should I leave the car at Tanah Rata?


Gary wrote on June 23rd

You may park the car at the campsite. Are you car poling with Ina? Please see my earlier notes.


Key wrote on June 23rd


I will be alone because Ina will be taking a bus from straight from KL.

ps: thanks for the note :)


Gary wrote on July 15th

Dear Bernard, Key and Ina,

My sincere appreciation to you all for braving the cold and challenges in Camerons. Hope you at least enjoyed the tranquility and environment. Keep in touch if you are keen on other trips.

Bernard thanks for all the coordination and driving. Not to forget the sayur.

You are also welcomed to post me any feedback etc. I will be meeting up with the teacher in the coming week.

Keep well.
Yours Sincerely,

Key wrote on July 13th

Dear Gary,

I really had fun during the trip. I'm returning to campus tomorrow, do contact me when you reach here for the Debat thing. We can have some tea with the others. Do you remember Koul, the Sudan boy? He sent his warmest regards :)


Gary wrote on July 15th

Thank you Key.
Yes, I do remember him. I will be at the debate on 27th, Monday.

Keep in touch.

Key wrote on July 22nd

Salam Gary,

Hope I'm not interrupting your afternoon. I just got back from a career talk just now, and found out that extracurricullar activities are very important for resumes.

Therefore, I will be very grateful if you can provide me ( and Eena as well ) a certification for the International Award Field Trip. A simple cert should be enough for us for the upcoming interviews.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you :)

mode:tengah tunggu Gary reply :D~~~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh Mr. Einstein...

Whoever watches the Night At The Museum 2 movie would recognize the cute little Einsteins shaking their heads while babbling at each other.

Yo wassup man~

Well... I've been looking for that cute little thingy so that I can put it in my car dashboard. whoahh just can't imagine how funny the head would vibrate while I'm driving..

Problem is I didn't find them at any stores... Anybody please... whoever see that cute Einstein please give it to me... mengidam nehhhh T______T

Nak einsteinnnnnnnnnnnnn