Friday, January 16, 2009

A 'Good' Start?

New semester is kicking off next Monday. I returned as early as last Wednesday to settle things about Final Year Project. Got appointment with Dr Madzlan today at eleven, but before that I will need to go to SIIU (Student Industrial Internship Unit) Office to submit my final report and logbook, then will have to go to the Finance Office. Why Finance Office? Ok, this is the story.

I arrived at UTP late evening, then got to know that our house (me and my friends) location is on the fifth floor. The address is V5J-L5-3. Ok, block J is the furthest block from the main entrance, and the nearest with the little forest at the back of our campus. Block paling hujung ok, dan tingkat lima ok.

Ok fine, this block is near to my classes, that would be fine. But aren't we the Final Year students supposed to get the lowest level, or the second floor at least? Because as far as I'm concern, that was the excuse by the RC (Residential College) people when I asked for ground floor during my junior year. Kononnye, "Lower floors are for Final Year and Postgraduate students."

Enough with that, I just accepted the allocation calmly, and started to bring up my things (to the fifth floor). So I parked at the wrong spot, beside the residential building. USUALLY, it's ok before the semester start, and because I just arrived, it will be forgiven. But that was usually, before I went to internship.

So when I got back to my car, I saw three papers. One is an A4 written "I think U blocked the Motorcycle Area". Ok, explanation. I blocked not even half of the route and I think even Harley Davidson can still get through. Sorry for that.

What about the other two papers?

1. Traffic Offences Summon - Letak Kenderaan di Service Road RM30
2. Traffic Offences Summon - Tidak Pamir Pelekat Kenderaan Rm30

Ok, for number one, I admit my mistake. But the sem wasn't even started, and usually they just let anyone park at the block to ease us.  However, for summon letter number 2, I almost fainted. Hello pakcik, sem pun tak start lagi dah tanya sticker. Saya baru balik practical memang la sticker lama je yang ada. Ada tulis July 2008 tak nampak ke? Ada pulak kata tak pamer. Dah la eja salah.

So, I went to the Security Office at Pocket C, and found out they moved to the Sport Complex. Waaa jauhnyaaaa...Nak nangis je masa tu. Sebaek ada kereta. Then I went to meet the head of the guards, Captain Lakhbir. Surprisingly, he's very nice and even gave us (me and Paan) a 1.5 hour motivational talk about the future, MLM, business, and so on (just imagine). In the end, I got summon decrease. RM10 for each letter. Since I already have one summon letter before internship, I should get RM30 x 3 summon, but he decreased each one to RM10. So my total summon fee is RM10 x 3. Thank you captain... next time I'll bring you keropok from Kelantan okay~~

So, I'm going to SIIU office then Finance office (to pay the summon) and get back to Dr Madzlan before 11am. A little nervous for FYP. Good luck for me :P

Lot's of thing has changed in UTP for the last 8 months. They even built new basketball courts at V5. The U-turn at the entrance is closed (temporary, maybe), and so much things else including the strictness of the guards.

I'm thinking that the new semester is going to be hard for me, and all of us who just returned from our training.


Faiz Rev said...

sian key.

sem blom stat da dapat 3 saman

ami said...

uuu..ade court basket..boleh la aku gi maen denuh..hihhi pokcik hok saman tu xdop pitih la tu tgh2 bulan ginih..wakaka

lolita said...


sian je?tlg bayar la etek :P


tak ppayyyah!

DhiYa' said...

cian nyee kwn ak soramm ni!!

lolita said...

bayeks!!! fighting!!!

klise said...

lakbir pilih kasih... ngan pompuan mmg r die cair... ngan laki harapan

lolita said...

hakhakhak jangan jeles~~

lakhbir kata saya ayu..wiwu~~~

are D said...

wuwuwu 2 saman? cian melor ^^
xpo evrything happen for a reason.
goodluck jd "akak final year"

lolita said...

wheee...akak final year~~

terasa tua skali :(

Muhammad Nazeef said...

naseb baek ku dapat kolej bilik ground floor..^^..
oh ye, nak bagitaw ni..
kurang2 kan la mamak-ing area toronto tuh..
one of my fren got admitted at hosp besar ipoh for stmach ulcer..