Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ribut Taufan Berlalu

My Kak Long went to Taiping and Lumut for some private honeymoon, and she left her son with me in UTP.

So this is Mawi the nephew. He goes here and there with his bantal golek, bantal busuk, and bantal merah. That's for starters.

As I drove through the main entrance, Mawi insisted on seeing the lake. So I took him for a walk at the jogging track (where so many UTPians were jogging and futsalling etc).

I asked a student to take this picture. He asked, "Anak ker~~" LOL~~

Then I brought him back to my house, which was a nightmare to the housemates. He went into every room in the house, asked too many questions and played with my housemates' stuff. Sabar jelah mereka. Ngeh2

We had nasi goreng and cekodok ubi for breakfast. Peace~

Mawi loves computer stuffs. He played with my webcam, downloaded Shin Chan and Doraemon from the DC++ and watched them, all by himself. I just have to lay on the bed and read novel. Sometimes I heard the housemates menjerit when he went to kacau them. Ngahahahaha

Nama saya Asmawi, umo saya 3 tahun...

So I brought Mawi to the lake for the second time the next day, this time with roti. There are so many fishes in the lake, he was very excited feeding them.

Kaloi~~ Kaloi~~

My favorite spot at the lake

I did tour him around UTP and ending up getting that 'unbelievable' look from the students hahahaha. Were they thinking, "OMG Key gave birth during internship??"??? Luls~ whatever.

So the mum finally came and picked the Mawi up. So he's gone now, and we were already missing him.

Mawi and Mama

Bye Mawi, don't come again kayh :P


klise said...

pergh keras ayat last... sian mawi... otai gler donlot pastu layan sindrik..... suparkh2

lolita said...

hahaha tengok la sape aunty dia~~

tapi dia berak luar mangkuk jamban kot...tamo dah jaga dia.ngahahahhaa

Ripsta said...

oit.. cian budak tu..
de ambik gambar die tengah tergolek tido.. haisk..

lolita said...


dia tak kesahhh :P

Muhammad Nazeef said...

kok yer pun blanjer la dia kfc..:D

lolita said...


pakcik nazeef blanjekan? :P~~

hana_shoyru said...

haha..rugi tol aku xde tyme ribut melanda umah neh..bleh aku karate sama itu bdak mawi

cathenclox said...

kah3.. i've been told early bout the fish-given-roti tuu..huhu

lolita said...


ntahnye paan. budak tu sampai2 je tanya "mana paan? cik yah mana paan?"


oOOOOoOoO!dpt report siap!ngaaaaa

cathenclox said...

haha mawi cari paan sbb nk golek2 punggong kat paan..huhuhu~

lolita said...

punggung shin chan???

wahahahah makhluk punggung suda datang~~