Sunday, February 22, 2009

What A Day...

-21st February 2009-

A day that I will never forget...

First of all, I slept from 5.00 am till 7.00 am. It's two hours okay... Then 8.30 am, I sent Pokjat to the Batu Gajah train station. He's going to KL for some business and stuffs. In the meantime, I had netball practice at 8.30 am also, so I had to rush back to UTP afterwards.

When I arrived at the sport complex, it's already 9.30 am and the teams were waiting for me ( I am Civil Engineering Department netball team captain). So we started the friendly match between Civil and IT/IS department. Second half, I got injured... again... at the same finger I injured last week, and the same spot where I had a surgery when I was 11 (due to broken bone). We finished the second half almost immediately, and I went back to hostel to wash myself.

One of our friends had been asking around the town for a tukang urut and she found Opah Siah.
Then I gathered the injured members of my team (Alin-fingers; Ayu-elbow; Ika-thigh) and brought them to Opah Siah's house in Tronoh.

So this Opah Siah is veeery old and her back bend almost 90 degrees. We didn't quite understand her language, but still can communicate with her. She was nice though, very attentive even though we just crashed her house like that, during lunch hour pulak tu..

Opah Siah seems to have a hard time with Ayu's injury. So we brought Ayu to hospital Batu Gajah to do some x-ray and further the treatment.

Thing is, hospital itu sangatlah lembab. Mula-mula tunggu tuan doctor. Doc da sampai tunggu juru x-ray pulak.
We took 4 hours waiting, and the result is, "She's fine," as stated by the nurse. So Ika asked what happened to Ayu's hand actually, and the answer is...

"La awak ni. Dah ok tu ok la. Syukur la dia ok."

Eh eh, marah pulak nurse ni. Orang nak tau je, seliuh ke patah ke.. Ni jawab ok je. Explain la sket kok ye ponnnn.... Bengang tau kitorang tunggu lama-lama!

Ayu said she wanted to wait until tomorrow (read:today) and see if her mislocated elbow is gonna be all right.
So we went back to UTP with mixed feelings. Bengang + geram + penat + fed up + n (put n as anything you like). It's already 5.00 pm anyways, and we were all tired.

8.30 pm, I had volleyball training (owh, I'm also in volleyball team for my class ngehehe). So we practised until almost 11.00 pm. I went back to my room and took a bath. Slept almost 20 minutes, and dragged Paan to Batu Gajah train station (again...) to pick Pokjat up.

Pokjat treated us McD afterwards yayyyy~~~ I think that's the most happiest thing happened yesterday ngahahhaa.. Balik UTP dah 3 pagi, terus tido mati :D


ps: I got burned down during a fire drill session early this morning. Waaaa tak sedar pon ada fire drill.. Semua housemates rentung. Kah kah kah~~



klise said...

Hahaha, aktif gler idup mung, kalo aku for sure da kurus glerbeng

lolita said...


aktif tapi kuat makan

so aku still tak kurus :P~

Muhammad Nazeef said...

gila kuasa gak ko nie...haha~
hows the finger anyway??

better got burned rather then waking ureself up to the phony fire drill...:D

lolita said...

thanks to opah siah, dah boleh genggam tgn walopon tak rapat sangat..ngehehheh opah siah rawks!!

ps:siyesli, x dgr lgsg bunyi alarm.bgn dah tghari br tau dah rentung muhahahhaa

Ripsta said...

mano mu ni..
kawe lamo doh tak denga citer mu.. heheh

lolita said...

hahaha sory ady..ym tu weng sket. lama gle loading.last2 putus ase x bukak terus :p

Anonymous said...

salam kak, boleh tak nak tau opah siak tu kat mane? sy terseliuh kaki main volley utk sports carnival huhu..

lolita said...

ouh alamak lupe la dik.dalam tronoh dkt dgn satu sekolah..menengah ke rendah ntah hihi