Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh Mr. Einstein...

Whoever watches the Night At The Museum 2 movie would recognize the cute little Einsteins shaking their heads while babbling at each other.

Yo wassup man~

Well... I've been looking for that cute little thingy so that I can put it in my car dashboard. whoahh just can't imagine how funny the head would vibrate while I'm driving..

Problem is I didn't find them at any stores... Anybody please... whoever see that cute Einstein please give it to me... mengidam nehhhh T______T

Nak einsteinnnnnnnnnnnnn


hana_shoyru said...

haha xde mnde lain ke nk ngidam? isk2
akak ak pn da beli mnde alah gerak2 bes plak..haha

lolita said...

nak einsteinnnnnnn

mIsS_syA said...

ade ke yg gerak2 tu muke einstein??

lolita said...

xtau.....tapi nakkk