Thursday, June 16, 2011

Operation Whatever

So there's this bunch of dudes trying to hack some websites from Malaysia government because they had the gut to block file sharing sites while spending RM1.8 million to manage a FREE Facebook page.

There are some speculations:

1. Team Anonymous are cool, the savior of angry Malaysian who now can't get to download.
2. Team Anonymous is the government themselves, who will use this issue to spend more money for sites security.
3....and whatnot..

So, guys, fellow friends, university fellas, and bijak pandai sekalian...

May I ask you, whatever reason is the operation done for, what do you get from this situation, really? Think about it. What is the benefit from supporting this team? I am not mad at Team Anonymous, really. They are cool with the video even though they should just hacked and leave their mark, not making a warning first. What I'm asking right now is, what with my friends that support such issue?

So you can't download the movies and series and mp3, and you blame the stupid government for not letting you to? Hey I use the filesharing sites too.. I watch series too.. That doesn't make me think what I was doing was right. Deep inside I know I was doing some very wrong things, to the entertainment industry, but I did it anyway. Who cares, right?

When the sites are to be blocked, I was like "ala....there goes my entertainment", but does that make it right for me to want to destroy the government websites? NOOOOO!!! Why?? That's because I use them for my research too. See the "Research Matter" link list on the right side? Yeah, some of them are the government links. These to name a few.

But whatever.

You people go on cheering for someone who is destroying our government's image websites. Good luck with that. I taknak masuk campur. Kita tunggu dan lihat je lepas ni, siapa cerdik siapa bodoh kurang cerdik. Tenkiu :)


Anonymous said...

dalam hidup sentiasa ada pilihan..tak semestinya orang yang memilih jalan lain dari anda itu bodoh dan salah..anda melihat dari mata anda tapi tidak cuba melihat dari mata orang lain.anda tidak maksum.anda tidak sentiasa betul..jangan kerana anda ada sesuatu yang rakan-rakan anda tidak ada menyebabkan anda fikir anda yang terbaik..

melor said...

Team anonymous da datang~