Friday, December 19, 2008

Busy Week

I got promoted (?!).

Ha ha ha... Kidding~

I was actually moved to other cubicle, which is located next to my supervisor's (the engineers area). Before this I sat among the draftsmen; that's why I considered myself being promoted. Lol~

My new workplace

Have been very busy for the whole week. After finishing the structural design of the Down Syndrome Centre, I got two more projects, the nursery and office building. My internship final presentation would be on the next Tuesday; I've finished the slides, but not yet practicing. I also prepared the slides for my supervisor who will be doing a presentation to the JPS (Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran) for his Madinatur Raudhah project.

Down Syndrome Centre structural 3D view

Besides that, I also need to prepare my final report which the content is 80% completed. Just need to add a few more projects detail in it including the latest projects, and the appendixes. I also have asked around about the hardbound cover cost and found out that they're too expensive. Aigoo...

My final report cover. The background would be black (as required for Civil Engineering students) and the font will be in gold. Hehehe

I've been soooo busy that I don't even have much time to go through the YS, FS, and even have less commitment for the Realvoices Project. Much appologize for that. Anyways, I'm glad that I've already completed the 15 chapters in Realvoices Project. Hope that YS will give me chance to participate in their next project :P


ARC said...

haha u self-centered, ambitious chap.
Suke suki je kate promotion ehh

but its ok la since that wish will come true =D

DhiYa' said...

semoga berjaya dpt 4.0 dlm internship!!!

lolita said...


hahahahaaha i am indeed ambitious. manade intern naik pangkat?kui3

@eman sv promised me an A after i did his animated (water moving, drainage working etc etc) presentation slides hihihihi

klise said...

lulz... tuh taktik jer tuh... tau internship da nak abes... eh eh die prasan ader satu meja sedang dalam keadaan selerak... kasik dak intern duduk nnt die kemas r kejap.... wakakakaka.... luahan hati saya yang tak penah ader cubicle sepanjang internship

lolita said...

teettt tetttt jelesi detected!hehehe

xdela, senanya ada arkitek (fresh grad) baru dia duk la area drafstmen.. :P

Ripsta said...

congrat.. got ur self a privacy space.. :P

oit, muke i boleh berubah2 bile i tukar hair style.. ahhaha.. macam mutan la plak.. :P

lolita said...

ehe, x privacy sangat la.dlu lagi sng nk download and bukak ys. skrg ni bos ngan supervisor boleh nampak my laptop screen....


ps:muka je ke berubah?hati? :P

Muhammad Nazeef said...

glad result ku da kuar for practical itu hari~...4flat alhamdulillah~..:D

tapi tgk ko nyer projek lagi gempak~>.
takot gua tgk~..:P