Friday, December 5, 2008


Can you believe that anything can change? Anything, anyone, any.... errr sudarni? Hehehe (Eni Sudarni is my friend :P).

Now let me show you what I and my sister did to my baju kebaya.

Mak Aji as we called ourselves...sangat buruk muka kitorang wahahahaha

Ok. This is our photo during the merdeka parade at Ipoh. The date was absolutely wrong because our Paan forgot about the setting. So, forget about the date. We participated the event and got the the kebaya (can you believe we marched in kebayas?lol~) and some other stuffs (eg:t-shirts, caps, shoes, etc etc).

As you can see, the kebaya was too plain, but adding the brooches gave some kind of "seri"to the clothes. However, I somehow lost the brooches. So, I've been working on that clothe for quite sometime... and got help from my sisters.

Chaiyok2... Henshin in progress

Then.... this is how the output looked like!!!

The tulang

The kaki baju

The lengan

And the tuan in it!LOL~

So, did it turn out nice? Or did I somehow overdone it?Comment please~~~


fana aka paan said...

hahaha nice~ bleh ar wt kn bju aku plak.. aku pn tatau da cmpk mane bju klo ko nk jahit kn aku carik la blk..heehe

DhiYa' said...

bleh paka wat raya aji la.

lolita said...


oleh sbb kite member, aku kasi ko diskaun. RM40 sepasang, boleh? :P


memang itu le niat aku.wahahahahha

ARC said...

aha which 1 r u really want to show? the baju or the tuan?hahaha

lolita said...

adoi...i nak tanya bj tu ok ke x la.. ke nampak macam mak datin?

adoi... :P

ARC said...

mak datin?so kire ramai la mak datin 2 kang?hahahqa

are D said...

whoaa. siyesly turns out nicer than it was.
great job *clap clap*
hehe amboi2 sket

klise said...

sokong arc.... nampak macam takder beza jer kat baju... tuan die jer yang nampak perbezaan... roflmao

lolita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lolita said...


yeahh..kitorang akan beramai2 bertukar (henshin!!!!) menjadi mak datin :P


amboi2~ thanks ya. i was afraid it turns too bling2 for my


i take that as a compliment. perasan, as always.hahahahha


ARC said...

Maka akan wujudlah superhero baru..
Satria Baja Mak Datin hahah

instead of

Satria Baja Hitam

but, why Baja??LOL

ARC said... need 2 do the tag le..jz 4 fun..u can decline it anytime u want..

delete this comment afterwads k? I hv to contact u by this way bcoz u dont hv any cbox =D

troisnyx* said...

sweet baju :)

by the way. thanks.

lolita said...


i dunno, direct translation from japanese word of "baja"?lol~

btw, it's ok, u can always contact me here :)


thanks strong k.

u go girl :)

bd fabregas said...

lamanya aku x melawat blog ni..
tu la, lama sgt x update..
anyway, mmg makin berseri la tuan dia..
opsss, baju kebaya tu yg sebenarnya..

Muhammad Nazeef said...

gila ar cun~
i like the details~

lolita said...

whoahhh tenkiu guys

nmpknye lepas ni boleh la kupakai wat melaram ngeh3

are D said...

amboi. melaram g mna tuh melor~
neway 4 mggu lg intern!

lolita said...


*preparing for my oral presentation*

dr madzlan is coming next 2 weeks :D