Thursday, November 13, 2008


I have undergone my internship for like... 5 1/2 months? wow... I'm so proud of myself hehehe.. I got only nearly 3 months away before starting a new semester (as a final year student) and have to prepare for my oral presentation and final report (and weekly logbook..urgh I'm so busy).

So this is where I've been working as a trainee engineer

...and this is my workspace. Used to have a pc for me to do surfing or chatting or downloading, but since the SV's monitor got blank, he took mine :(
I work on my precious lappy anyway :p

The supervisor aka SV aka Engr. Rosmee (or I simply call him Abe Mie :p) who is responsible for my marking on this semester

The draftsmen: Kak Sue and Abe Yie

And Kak Sah the kerani....

This one is the dongle for the software I'm using for designing purposes, Esteem Structural Design Software. It cost RM30,000 per dongle, imagine each engineer got one. hehehe..... kaya la bos akuuuuu

The environment here? so exciting and relaxing! I'd love to work here after graduation, but who knows...OK! Got a school to design. Till then, chiaow~


Anonymous said...

mantapp arr key.
kagum ak ngn mu..
ak jgk yg masih tercari-cari diri ak..
huhuhu :(

lolita said...

kata seorang bakal doktor.jangan ar gitu man...dulu masa kitorang xde cita2 lagi mu set goal nk jadi doktor doh

DhiYa' said...

ye ke???
huhu.. ak pn xtau sejak bile ak nk jd dr.
i'm blur~~
meh la teman ak kat usm.

lolita said...

kekekeke mu bz, bukan aku yg bz.kalo aku g usm, macam la mu ada kat bilik :P