Friday, November 28, 2008

Good News Bad News

Do you believe, that there's always bad news in every good news, and there's good news as well in every bad news? Just like when your mother gave birth to another baby and you're so happy to get an adik, yet so worried that your parents' love will be divided? Hahaha well, for me, yes I do. Because I actually experienced it yesterday.

As usual, during lunch hour, I will always drive home to have lunch with my family, and to feed my cat 'Itam' if my siblings forget to do that (owh, they always forget, trust me).

So this is Itam when I was taking her for a ride around Wakaf Che Yeh:

And she was sleeping soundly when I was ready to leave for office in the morning (she love to dig into my comforter. I have to use other selimut for that matter) :

When I reached home for lunch, my sisters were jumping and happily telling me

"Itam dah beranakkkkkk"

and "Yeayyyyy~~" I answered.

"Mana2?" I asked them.

"In your room!"


There. At that point I immediately ran into my room and I saw Itam and her children....


I sighed quietly, washed myself, solat Zohor, then makan. After that only I greet Itam and the kittens. Nak buat macam mana... Dah beranak dah pun. Basuh jelah air ketuban tu T__T

At first, Itam was very protective towards the little kittens. I can't even see them. Then I harshly reminded Itam.

"Eh, ni katil sape ni? Sape beli Whiskas hah?"

Then she eventually let me play with the kittens. HA HA HA

Personal is personal. Work is work. So even though I was a bit stressed about my bed, I still have office hour until 5.30 pm. So, here I am, ready for afternoon session of office hour :P

So I end up telling people that I have good and bad news.

The good news is, my cat gave birth to 4 cute little kittens

and the bad news is that they were born on my bed. HOHOHOHO


DhiYa' said...

ak dah update blog ak.
klw nk wat link boleh la.
dah delete yg emo2!

ARC said...

o.o ur cat had given birth 2 four...
What are their names?

troisnyx* said...

wow. sweet ! the cat gave birth ! :D

by the way, thanks =) I've still got another three more sections to go, all written and all on Sunday morning...... Fuh, this is worrisome...

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

apsal ko maken gemok?

lolita said...

da link dah.tau pon xnak emo2 :P

i haven't decide yet. but i noe the team name already. All Blacks hahaha..they are all black actually roflol

the cat just gave birth and start flirting again. ish ish.... btw good luck ya :D

shadap la u!waaaaaa gemok ke? oh tidak... kena kurus sblm balik utp.oh tidakkkkkk

Muhammad Nazeef said...

kucing ko cute la~
gambar ko yg baju pink tu pun cute gak~..:P

pandai gak ko sound kucing tuh..
kucing aku ni pekak dan bisu...

lolita said...

oh oh hins hinsss

kucing dan tuannye same2 bangga.wahahahhaha

kucing ni dgr kata, sopan dan lemah lembut, maca tuan dia gak roflolol

are D said...

bad news ke? haha good news gak kot. katil jd pusat penternakan kucheng :P

Ripsta said...

i knew this early.. :P
like id said..
manusia beranak atas katil..
kucing pun nak beranak atas katil gak.. hahahah

lolita said...


pusat penternakan tahi dan air kencing kucheng gak.hahahahaha


kucing skrg pon dah pandai demand!ish2

Muhammad Nazeef said...


Anda telah di tag oleh saya!!
Sila ke Blog saya untuk membuat laporan selanjutnya...