Sunday, November 9, 2008


It’s been a while. I promised myself to keep blogging at least once a week but end up being totally silent last month. Wahahahaha.. last month is Raya month anyway.

So can I still talk about raya? Hihi Syawal dah lepas baru nak masukkan entry raya. It’s not about raya anyway…

My topic is actually friendship.

I’m soooo lucky to have such group of friends that really care and love me. I got girls from my high school and also from my college. Each ‘gang’ got six members including me. All of my high school best friends live in Kelantan (same high school what, so same hometown laaa), but we spread all over Malaysia to further our studies. Still, we have gatherings and reunions everytime we came back to our hometown (aka Kota Bharu), which is usually on Raya days.

Last raya we reunited again, and celebrated one of our member’s birthday as well. The story went like this:

1.Eman called and said that she’s coming. I told her to come over quickly coz I have an open house to go.

2. I made Eman follow me to the friend’s open house, but before that, we went to Dilla’s house, just because it’s in the way (and Dilla end up being dragged to the open house as well).

3. After makan nasi dagang sepuasnya, we thought, hey why don’t we go to Nadia’s? Dekat je rumah dia...

4. Then we eventually went to Dayah’s house to drag her to Bayyah’s house.

5. Then Dayah suddenly said “lapar mekdi…tamo kepsi…nak mekdi…” and we dragged Bayyah along to get Dayah’s mekdi (McDonald’s)

6. Being so excited and happy, Eman bought us a cake, just to have a small celebration with best friends in advance of her birthday.

7. I sent all of them home and reach mine at 10.30 pm. Luckily abah didn’t get mad coz he knew with whom I went out with. Hehehehe….

Mission Accomplished! Looking forward to next gathering! Muahs~


Anonymous said...

akhirnya kisah kidnap belongs to u.
luv u!!!

ak lupe pass blog ak.

lolita said...

ade ke patut lupe paswed



comixrelif said...

i just realized that i dun have those photos..
nxt time we meet up,plz giv 'em 2 me.
and,thank u so much 4 2day..

lolita said...

sure dear..
keep reminding me coz u noe la im such a forgetful person


DhiYa' said...

da ingt password :D