Friday, November 14, 2008

YouthSays Real Voices Project

I couldn't believe my ears when I first heard it. I was doing my shopping with Eman and Dilla when I got a phone call from Youthsays office. I couldn't really hear her actually. I was told to check my email. Then I couldn't believe my eyes pulak when I read the email. It goes like this:

Hi there.

Congratulations! You are one of the 50 chosen youths to represent the voice of young Malaysians in the RM30,000 YouthSays Real Voices project. This means you'll be given 15 'chapters' to blog about, and upon completion, you'll be paid RM500. Every week, you're also eligible to get RM100 bonuses if your writing is deemed honest, and really shows us what you and your life is like.

Rules and regulations:

1 This project has 15 chapters
2 Each week has 3 chapters. Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
3 You can blog about the chapters as much as you want.
4 Each week, 10 bonuses will be given to youths who express themselves:

5 You are encouraged to post pix, videos, audio song, poems, and anything that can help you express yourself.
6 You are given 2 days maximum for each assignment, and must complete them on time. But you can re-blog about past assignments if you like.
7 You CANNOT DROP OUT of the project.
8 If you do drop out, or get disqualified for any reason, you will not be paid ANY money - and you will be disappointing Malaysian youths who are counting on you carry out this historical project.
9 The Real Voices Project Organisers will pay you your money 5 weeks after the project has ended
10 The Real Voices Project Organisers reserve the right to disqualify you from the project at any time if found to have breached any of our terms & conditions
11 The Real Voices Project Organisers are not accountable or liable for any losses which result from your own voluntary involvement
12 The Real Voices Project Organisers are very proud that you are standing up to represent Malaysian youths in this historical project!

The project starts Friday,14th November 2008, and the first topic is "This Is Me". I already published my post :)

ouhhh I'm so excited and honored to be invited into such events. YS memang rawk habes!!!
Dari petang asyik berdebar2 je..skrg baru rasa rilex sket. Fuh fuh lega....

ps:wish me luck my pren~


faRha said...

wish u a very good luck

Anonymous said...

jia you!!!
key boleh!!
nnt nk2 adiah gak :D

:??// apesal mu punye post semua kul 11.11??? x a.m mesti p.m musssssyyyyykillllll~~~~
-eman yg comey-

lolita said...

waaaa tenkiu tenkiu~~
just got back from Perlis
I'll put the entry soon :P

lolita said...

n btw eman, rahsie~~~~ :P

troisnyx* said...

thanks for clarifying it with me. Anyway, I removed the post because my cousin just told me there was a newly-released Code for Bloggers and I don't wanna be seen violating the law, so yeah.

Bonne chance for the YS project, ya !

My French spoken test is over, only the written tests left, you can see the progress on troisnyx* officiel now - I just uploaded it. =)

lolita said...

no problem dear, and thank you. bonne chance for me, and you too :)