Monday, November 17, 2008

The Wedding

We reached home at 2 am (from my sister's wedding) and I had to ponteng kerja today as I was too tired after hours of driving from Perlis. On the way to Perlis.... we met a group of bikers (weewiittt). They even posed for us :p

I met Aza in Gurun when we stopped for lunch and prayers.We have so much fun updating on each other. I asked her to come with me, to the wedding, but her grandma objected :P

We stayed at Firearm Quarters Transit in Arau. Nice place btw

And the kids found PLAYGROUND!!!!

Before the wedding, I went to the Mak Andam's with the couple. Pose after make ups:

Then comes the ceremony~~

The banner... and nenek

We had so much fun travelling together, altogether 6 cars from the bride's family. We even got lost in the highways and ended up touring Penang. Hahahaha.... Should be Perlis->Kedah->Perak->Kelantan, but we went Perlis->Kedah->Penang->Kedah->Perak->Kelantan.

bazir masa, minyak, wang, tenaga dsb nye.... isk isk


troisnyx* said...

hey ! congrats on being picked for the YS Voices thing !

by the way. there's a poll on my sidebar. I need people to vote for me. hurry, the thing closes in two days ! so can you help me out on that one ?

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DhiYa' said...

puye yg dah jd isteri org~
semoga bahgia dunia akhirat.

ak da ingt pass. hehe~

lolita said...

hahahaha tahniah2