Wednesday, July 28, 2010


As far as I remembered, I appointed only 1 supervisor for my research when I submitted the letter of appointment to the Postgraduate Office. I didn't have any co-supervisor, or field supervisor for that matter, even though during the symposium, my examiners did mention that I should get a co-sv, you know, to help with stuffs..

Only a couple of days ago I got to know that I, indeed, have one more person to supervise my research. He, who will also be known as my co-sv, had requested for my Gantt Chart, so that he can check it and give comments.. So I did. I submitted my Gantt Chart (you can see in my previous post), and he asked me to modify it according to his schedule...because he wanted to participate in my research too. What a nice co-sv :D

So I edited my chart and submitted another one which clearly satisfied him that he could say no more words except for ha ha ha

This one is the latest Gantt Chart :D

Hihi saye sayang co-sv saye *^_^*

update: he asked for daily work schedule pulak ~_~

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