Thursday, July 15, 2010


What is a symposium? Well I've never heard of it until last year when I made friends with some Postgraduate students. Turned out the 'symposium' is like when you do 'oral presentation' for your 'Final Year Project', in this case, your Postgraduate research.

Symposium in UTP is held bianually (every end of semester, or actually, the beginning of the next semester), and NOW is the 11th Symposium. Some of the PG students have actually presented, some will today, and for Civil Engineering Department, it's gonna be next week! 19th - 23rd of July

My supervisor is going to be busy next week, so he scheduled my presentation (and his other students) to be the earliest. Thank God it's not Monday morning, because this weekend I'm gonna be away, AGAIN, to my ex-housemate's wedding. HIHI

I had a facebook chat with my youngest sister the other day. She asked when will I be coming home, and then I answered "after my symposium". She ended up telling my family about this symposium which Fatin quoted as being 'funnily said'.

"siposium!siposium!" They don't understand a word Syakirah is talking about. Haha!

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