Monday, August 2, 2010

Why you should choose public transportation?

OK people, let's get serious!

As some people wud've already known, I'm currently doing a case study on public bus reliability. This is under Geotechnical and Highway Engineering cluster, Civil Engineering Department. So one of my tasks is to ride on buses and make observations.... and from those observations, it is safe to conclude that using public transportation (in this context, the public bus) in waaaayy much better than driving your own vehicle. Want to know why? Here's a few of the reasons:

1. Cheap ticket price. Compare the price with your fuel and toll cost, then you'll admit it.

2.No need to 'pusing-pusing' looking for parking space and in fact, pay for parking. Instead, you get off the bus as nearest to your destination, then take a short exercise by WALKING!

3.While in the bus, you can do your work on the laptop, your organizer, and even do some reading. You can also make some calls and sms with your loved ones, no problem!

4.The traffic is very heavy? No need to be stressed out for it. Let the bus driver feel the pressure :D

5.You get to know a lot of people in the bus. You might see some of them everyday at the same time, so go on, make some friends, or maybe, you can look for your soul mate there. ha ha

Want more? Next time :)

A friendly report by cik melor yang riang
MSc Civil Engineering
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS


Faiz Rev said...

buleh usha gewe dlm public transport?

lolita said...

ohhh boleh sangat2 jah. usha yang berjurus jer :P

penJelaJahJuJur said...

hai kakak master.

tamo pandangan ai selaku public transporter tegar ke?

lolita said...

haha boleh2..sile nk tambah ape2. i pon ade lagi nk tambah tu, nanti2 lah muehehe

klise said...

public transport masa bergerak sangat rigid... saya seorang yang malas2 slalu terlepas

lolita said...

haha kalau macam tu kne la alert jadual perjalanan semua. plan awal2 baru la senang hati :D